Martyrs and Great Personalities

In this section, we present you short biographies of our Martyrs, leaders and other important personalities who enthusiasically worked or died for the Nasranis. Due to a number of reasons, these facts are hiddern by the mainstream Churches. For example, Varthamanapusthakam, the book that describes the death of Ikkako Kathanar is hidden away and the Church has never given due importance to Ikkako Kathanar and people like Mar Kariattil, Paremackal Kathanar, Nidhirickal Mani Kathanar etc. We consider it as our responsibility to bring light into these great personalities who sacrificed their life for our Church.


Ikkako Kathanar - the forgotten martyr

Centuries before, an incident shook both the land of Malabar and the Saint Thomas Christian community; the murder of one of their priests, Ikkako Kathanar, by European missionaries at the church in Verapoly (Varappuzha). This incident in 1771 AD resulted in long ramification in the turbulent history of the ancient community of Saint Thomas Christians whose existence was threatened by the colonisation of the Malabar Coast of south-west India by European powers beginning with the Portuguese. Click to read more..

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