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Suriyani or Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic, is the language that was widely used in the Middle East until 8th century, before Arabic replaced it. East Syriac and West Syriac are the two dialects of Syriac. East Syriac was the living language in Persian Sassanids (3rd-7th century) and west Syriac was developed in the emperoros of Greek Byzantium, who waged war against each other. There are differences in the scripts, vowel system and pronunciation for these two dialects, but both these dialects have similar vocabulary grammatical structure.

Saint Thomas, the Apostle introduced Christianity in India. It is natural that St Thomas used Syriac for spreading gospel as it was the mother tongue of Jesus and his twelve disciples. Even today, Syriac is the liturgical language of a number of Christian Churches in India. Even Malayalam was polularly written using Syriac alphabets until the end of nineteenth century. Parts of their liturgy are still sung in Syriac.

We focus on East Syriac in our website since the language used in the ancient rite of Mar Thoma Nasranis East Syriac.

East Syriac


East Syriac Vowels

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Our Father in

East Syriac

East Syriac Words East Syriac Words
East Syriac Alphabet East Syriac Vowels and Pronouns Our Father in East Syriac

Opportunity to Learn East Syriac

Kappumthala, Kottayam

Fr Emmanuel Thelly gives lessons in East Syriac Beth Aprem Nazrani Dayra at Kappumthala. Age or educational qualification is no bar! Genuine interest in East Syriac study is the only qualification needed.

Contact numbers: +91 944 731 9913 (Koonammakkal Thoma Malpan) or +91-481-256-4333 (SEERI).


SEERI: +91 481 256 4333,

Vadavathoor seminary: Fr. Pauly Maniyatt:+91 481 257 8319,


Thalikasthanathu Thoma Mathayi: +91 944 735 9671

Mar Thoma Sisters: : +91 481 2571547


Mr Xavier Kalangara: +91 944 778 3001

Syriac is a very simple language to learn since it does not have complex grammer rules as in modern languages. We recommend to start with the elementary lessons by Fr. Emmanual Thelly to start with. You can download it from the link below.

An Introduction to Syriac Studies: A book by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly, CMI to start elementary lessons of Syriac. Download the Pdf book.

It is important to learn how to write before you start. Please use the following video tutorials by Fr. Emmanual Thelly.

Syriac Lessons by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly - Part 1
Syriac Lessons by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly - Part 2
Syriac Lessons by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly - Part 3

Once you have basics, you can continue your studies with the books of Fr. Thomas Arayathanal. It is well written book of the Syriac language. It compares three systems: West Syriac, East Syriac and East Syriac-Malabar. Follow the links below for preview.

Aramaic Grammar by Fr. Thomas Arayathanal: Volume 1
Aramaic Grammar by Fr. Thomas Arayathanal: Volume 2
Aramaic Grammar by Fr. Thomas Arayathanal: Answer key

Syriac Transliteration tools

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